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Precision Collision Center’s goal is to provide you the best service and the best auto parts in the market. You will find state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained and certified technicians ensuring fast turnaround times on all of your domestic and imported automotive repair needs.

Precision Collision Center

Is the one-stop shop for all your vehicle’s needs.

Bumper Damage

We take care of scuffs, scrapes, chips, and full bumper replacement.

Fender or Dents

Full body repair, from door dinks to full body repair or replacement.


We handle full rotation, replacement, mounting, and alignment for your tires/wheels.

Custom Work

Got a creative idea? Bring it to our attention, and we’ll make it a reality.

Body Kit Installation

Do you have aftermarket or OEM custom parts? We can handle this!

Custom Color

Feeling a change of heart? We can custom paint your car to any color.

We're Working For You.

& We Don’t Cut Corners!

Precision Collision Center has a long history of happy customers. We encourage you to give us a call or check out the website.

Or simply get a repair estimate at our shop and compare our rates with others’. “Satisfaction” Guaranteed!

Working With Every Client

Whether you are or aren’t at fault, and no matter what carrier, we can work with and for you to get you the best service. Don’t settle for anything else!

Accidents 1

When you are in an accident, it’s a terrible feeling. We know it isn’t an easy time to deal with especially when you need your car everyday. Our goal to provide you with a great experience so you can build a great relationship with a body shop that you can trust. We work with your insurance provider to get you the best possible service, every time.

Working with Insurance 2

What we mean when it comes to our clients and insurance is that we will handle all communication once you get your damage assessed. Most people have never been in an accident and we help make the process smooth and easy from getting the initial estimate to working to make sure you’re done right by your provider.

Completing the Job 3

Take a look at our testimonials online as they say it all. When you are looking to get the work done correctly, look no further. Precision Collision Center has been serving the local Rockville area in Maryland and far beyond for over 10 years. We worked on thousands of damaged cars and sent them out looking brand new.

Mechanical Work

What’s the Problem?

While Precision Collision Center prides itself on being one of the best body shops in the world with certified techs of at least 5 to 25 years experience each, our other services are not to be overlooked.

We can work on custom projects, diagnose issues, and solve any of your car’s problems. We are always investing in the latest and greatest tech to offer everyone the best service at our shop. We have vendors and partners that help us always keep our technology and equipment in the best shape.

All Services


Of Vehicle

Body Damage Repair or Replacement, Windshield Repair or Replacement, Frame Damage, Headlight Replacement, Headlight Detail, Full Bumper to Bumper Detail, Custom Paint Job, & More.

Wheels & Tires

OEM & Aftermarket

Full-Service Wheel Offerings including OEM or Aftermarket Wheels, Tire Mounting, Tire Rotation, Wheel Alignment, Custom Shock Install, Suspension, & More.

Mechanical Work

On Vehicle

We work on all mechanical aspects of your vehicle. Please inquire your needs from basic oil changes, to complicated transmission or engine replacement or engine rebuilds.


Of Vehicle

Whether you’re downgrading from leather to fabric seats or upgrading to leather, we can install custom seats and remove your old interior hardware. Need an audio technician to install your screen? We can do this.

View our range of services in more detail (Coming Soon)

Coming soon will be detailed pages about the processes and services at Precision Collision Center. Contacting our shop has never been easier. Call us at (240) 428-1667 or email us at for our customer care to get in touch and set up an appointment.

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Custom Alignment Services

Sedans starting at $100. Larger vehicles start at $120.

From $100

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